We harness the powerful capabilities of the platform detection chemistry
Quantum PACKTM (Q-PACK) to develop in vitro diagnostic products today's world

Quantum PACKTM Easy is the first implementaiton of our breakthrough technology.
Q-PACK can piggy-back on existing lateral flow immunoassays and simply replace
the detection end, but the results are profound. Sensivities are increased several
orders of magnitude compared to conventional detection chemistries including gold
colloid or other fluorescent methods. And the inherent stability of Q-PACK makes
these products ideal for a room-temperature distribution chain.

Quantum PACKTM Pro brings traditional CLIA (Chemiluminescence Immunoassay)
performance to the next level by extending the signal retention time and drastically
improving stability while also opening the door for high-level multiplexing. Q-PACK
technology gives legs to precious samples so more answers can be obtained with
less time and less sample.

We strive to unlock the full potential of Quantum PACKTM chemistry
initially by developing assays for mission-critical settings.