Quantum PACKTM technology is based on the groundbreaking quantum dot material first discovered over 30 yeras ago. Since their discovery,
quantum dots were hailed as the next big innovation for a host of applications including biological sciences. Unfortunately the inherent chemistry
of quantum dots made them incompatible with biological systems due to their physicochemical properties such as toxicity and solubility.

Researchers in Seoul National University were later joined by a team of scientists in Kunkook University to develop a biological system-
compatible manifestation of quantum dots while also keeping in mind tunability and manufacturability. Over a decade of tireless research has
produced a technology that is compatible with common surface chemistry modifications via silica-based encapsulation and one that also can be
mass produced by means of tunable clustering.

We have successfully licensed this technology from these institutions with full freedom to operate in the biological and healthcare space and are
applying it to tried and trusted in vitro diagnostic assays that are in need of an improvement in assay stability, sensitivity and multiplexing. With
a 10-log linear dynamic range, zeta-molar sensitivity and room-temperature stability, Q-PACK technology is poised to first revolutionize the
existing IVD landscape and also provide a launching pad for innovations previously unheard of.

Quantum PACKTM is a technology that will launch the performance of existing IVD assays into heights
only thought to be reserved for new technologies. Quantum PACKTM - A quantum leap in immunoassay performance.